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Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When Homeschooling Their Kids

With each passing year, increasing number of parents are deciding to homeschool their kids. Usually, there are two groups of parents when it comes to homeschooling. The first group of parents are excited to teach their kids in the comfort of their home and spend time with them. The other group of parents feel nervous and worried as to whether they will be able to teach their kids properly. In either case, parents want to make sure that they do not make any mistakes while homeschooling their beloved kids.

In this blog, we will share with you some common mistakes that parents tend to make. Try your best to steer clear of the below-mentioned mistakes when homeschooling your kid.

Engaging In Too Many Activities

Some parents make the mistake of cramming too much activities into their kids’ routine. For instance, they make their kids attend art classes, piano classes, physical education classes, gymnastics, classes at the zoo, and whatnot. They would organize field trips with other homeschooling families as well. The problem with such a routine is that it will eventually take a toll on both the parents and the kids and make them merely a slave to their schedule. Our advice to the parents is to make schooling a priority and bring down the number of activities that require you to step out of the house. The more time you and your kids spend at home, the more enjoyable the schooling will become.

Forgetting Activities Altogether

Yes, too many activities is not recommended but under-scheduling is not advised either. It is essential for the parents to understand that kids need change from their daily homeschooling routine. They should meet up with other kids in their neighborhood or circle. We will advise you to look for activities that suit your family at close by museums, historical sites, YMCAs, support groups, etc. You can get in touch with other homeschooling families and organize a field trip every month. The goal with these activities is to keep your kids’ life balanced between their studies and recreational engagements.

Setting Unfeasible Expectations

Do not be surprised if you find yourself frustrated with your expectations or goals. Many parents make the mistake of setting unachievable or too difficult goals for their kids. For instance, many moms lose patience with their three year old just because he or she hasn’t started reading. Some parents get upset when their kid, who is only in sixth grade, is not doing well in Algebra. You will be surprised to know that some parents even try to teach their kid a whole year of World History within one quarter, which truth be told, is simply wrong. Doing this will only make you and your kid tired, irritated, and antsy. The best thing would be to take into account your kid’s abilities, weaknesses, passions and accordingly put a curriculum plan together.

No one said homeschooling is going to be a walk in the park. You will unknowingly make some mistakes as a parent. Try to educate yourself about the best homeschooling practices as much as you can. Also, use quality textbooks designed keeping in mind homeschool students. For example, if you want to teach your kid high school earth science, you should get Discovering Design with Earth Science. Written by Jay L Wile,  this amazing foundational course prepares for college-level science courses. At Berean Builders, you can find many other amazing homeschool science textbooks that help inculcate critical thinking into students.