Terms and Conditions

Berean Builders will follow up on any missing or damaged shipments sent via UPS.  If you choose USPS shipping you will need to contact the post office directly to follow up on missing and damaged shipments.  Priority mail sometimes sits for weeks with no activity.  Media mail is not insured and the purchaser assumes all risks with this shipping method.  Priority mail is only insured up to $50.00.

You will find .pdf samples, lists of supplies (if required), and scope and sequence documents (if applicable) on the product resources section of each product.  We encourage you to spend time with this material to ensure you know what you are purchasing because all sales are final when shipped and we do not accept returns.

When you purchase an online class you are purchasing a registration  from Berean Builders Publishing Incorporated and the class experience from the teacher.  Berean Builders is only responsible for registering you in the class.  Any issues you have with class content, assignments, grades, teacher communication or other items pertaining to the class should be handled by the teacher.  Issues with registration or payment processing should be handled by Berean Builders.