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4 Best Tips For Motivating Your Homeschooled Child

When you homeschool your child, you watch them learn and grow. You know how your child processes new information. You develop an understanding of your child’s learning style. And it is pure bliss to see your child expand their pool of knowledge. But, at-home schooling comes with a few challenges that parents have to navigate.

Does your child spend more time in front of the television than with their books? Are they lagging in their high school science course sequence? Whatever may be the problem responsible for those unproductive days, lack of motivation is usually at the core of most of them.

4 Best Tips For Motivating Your Homeschooled Child

So, how do you ensure your child remains motivated throughout their homeschooling journey? Here are a few tips that will make at-home learning easy both for the parents and the child:

1. Work on Building Internal Motivation

A child never refuses to indulge in an activity that interests them. Take note of their learning style and what they want to learn about. Is it atoms and molecules? Is it the creation of the universe? Is it human anatomy? Is it the World War? When they pick the topic, they will pay attention and finish their assignments on time. So, provide them with resources that develop their interests.

2. Don’t Burden Your Child with Expectations

It is of utmost importance that you nurture your child’s curiosity to know and encourage their natural love for learning. If you burden them with grand expectations, it may kill that love.

What is crucial is that your child has the attitude and enthusiasm toward learning. Concentrate on that instead of focusing only on the observable act of learning. Your goal should be to maintain the joy of learning alongside the joy of childhood.

If your child is engrossed in one of their books from their high school science course sequence, do not assign a book report immediately after; let them enjoy reading it. Talk about the chapter they liked the most and what they learned from it.

When you are homeschooling your child, remember that they cannot sit with books and assignments all day long. So, let them play around and indulge in other hobbies.

3. Refrain from Punishing and Yelling

Negative motivation never works in the long run.

When you are homeschooling your children, you are a teacher, and mom or dad all rolled into one. You have to maintain the balance. There certainly will be days when you feel really frustrated, but avoid yelling at your child or threatening them with punishment. Your child will respect you and listen to you when you do the same.

4. Sometimes It is Okay to Bribe the Child

If used sparingly, it will motivate the young learners. When you feel internal motivation is lacking, tell your child they will get more pocket money that month, or you will bake them their favorite cake when they finish reading for the day.

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