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Science in the Beginning is the first book in a hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. Because each lesson is built around an activity or experiment, it is engaging for all K-6 students. In addition, there are three levels of review for each lesson, so the parent/teacher can choose the depth at which each student is expected to grasp the material. The course contains roughly 90 hours of instruction, 35 of which are composed of hands-on activities.

The beginning of history is given in the Bible’s creation account, and this book uses the days of creation as a way of introducing a wide range of scientific concepts including the nature of light, energy conservation, the properties of air and water, introductory botany, our solar system, basic zoology, and some aspects of human anatomy and physiology. As the students learn about these scientific concepts, they are constantly reminded of the Creator who fashioned the marvels they are studying.

This product is a set consisting of the textbook plus the helps & hints book containing everything the parent/teacher needs to know for the subject.

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1 review for Science in the Beginning Set

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    My 1st grader loves this curriculum. It is the perfect kind of hands on he needs and so much fun for him! It has made him love science! Everything is laid out wonderfully for the parent/teacher to just open up and go. We ordered the box of supplies from Christian books and that has saved so much work on the front end of gathering the material. I recommend this curriculum to all my homeschooling friends!

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"The kids love the experiments! I like that they aren't content just to do the experiment as written; they play around and try other things -- just to see what happens."

"My 5th grader and I LOVE the Science in the Beginning, science is now a favorite subject!"

"Science in the Beginning was the first science book that my kids loved! I loved it too!"

I just wanted to tell you how much my nine year old son and I are enjoying Science In the Beginning.

Every day I have him write in a journal about the best part of his day. So many of the entries are
"The best part of the day was when we had science", or "the best part of the day was when we did the experiment".

I cannot thank you enough for developing such an easy to use, God honoring, and kid-friendly curriculum.

"I just wanted to write and let you know who much my family has been enjoying your Science in the Ancient World book. The kids think it is great (I think I like it even more) and the science projects have all worked out beautifully. No hiccups whatsoever. This has to be the best science book I have chosen for the kids and look forward to the others in the future. I just wanted to let you know what a quality product you have produced and to keep up the great work."