Lab Kit for Discovering Design with Chemistry



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This kit contains all the difficult to obtain items for Discovering Design with Chemistry. Other items required for the experiments are household items.

This kit contains:

  1. Safety goggles
  2. Funnel
  3. Two 50-mL graduated cylinders
  4. Two medicine droppers
  5. Digital mass scale (accurate to 0.1 g)
  6. 250-mL beaker
  7. 100-mL beaker
  8. Four test tubes
  9. Watch glass
  10. Filter paper
  11. Litmus paper
  12. Alcohol burner
  13. Thermometer
  14. Stirring rod
  15. Sodium hydroxide (40 g)
  16. Strontium chloride (20 g)
  17. Cupric sulfate (40 g)

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Dimensions 13 × 11 × 6 in


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