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Errata for the entire book (Updated 9/28/2022)

How to Record Your Labs
You will be recording your labs like I taught students in Science in the Atomic Age. If you didn’t take that course, you can read this document, which comes from that course. The document contains an experiment. You don’t have to do the experiment, but it is fun! Nevertheless, read the experiment so you can understand how I want you to document the experiments you will be doing in this course.

Sample lab writeups:
These are examples of how to write up the labs that you are actually doing in this course.
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.1
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.2
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.3

Student Workbook
Although I prefer that you keep your own notebook, here is one you can print out. It has all the Comprehension check and Review questions with space for you to write your answers. It also has many blank pages for you to record your labs.

Lab Kit Insert for the Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
This is the sheet that tells you which rock/mineral/fossil is which in the kit.