DDES Chapter 12

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Links for the Twelfth Chapter

Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS
You can see the atmosphere glowing green throughout this video. At 1:20, you start seeing the Southern Lights.

The Strength of Air Pressure
This video is a more impressive version of Experiment 12.2.

How to visualize one part per million
Nine ways to visualize 1 part per million.

Examples of Conversion
Remember, the links for chapter 1 have videos that go through the conversion method used in the book.

Layers of the atmosphere in order
This video goes through the structure of the atmosphere.

Air Cools When It Expands
This video has an experiment that show this. They don’t say anything, but when the guy pulls the plug off the pressurized bottle, the air inside leaves the bottle, expanding as it goes. This drops the temperature, which causes the alcohol to condense. When the other guy pumps air back into the bottle, the air heats up, clearing the fog created by the cooling.

The EPAs Air Trends Page
The table shows you the decrease in pollution over time. If you click on the links to the left, you get graphs for specific pollutants.

The Greenhouse Effect
This video tells you about the greenhouse effect and how greenhouse gases do their job. The end has a statement based on uniformitarianism.

Carbon Dioxide Makes Water Acidic
This video shows an experiment similart to Experiment 12.4.

Climate Change Debate
An interesting debate on climate change.