DDES Chapter 1

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Sample lab writeups:
These are examples of how to write up the labs that you are actually doing in this course.
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.1
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.2
Sample of how I would record Experiment 1.3

A Collection of Resources Demonstrating that the Earth is a Sphere
If you have encountered someone who thinks the earth is flat, you should have him or her read some of the resources collected here.

Most Ancients Knew the Earth is Spherical
More discussion of how people have understood the spherical shape of the earth for well over 2,000 years.

Chemical Formulas
This video discusses chemical formulas and what they mean

Phases of Matter
This video discusses the differences among the phases of matter

Derived Units
This video calls them “derived qualities,” but that’s the same.

Metric Unit Conversions
What you need to know stops at 9:41.

Converting Between Unit Systems
This gives you two examples of converting between metric and English units.

Comparing Celsius and Farenheit
This video gives you another look at comparing the two temperature scales I discussed.

This animation compares high-concentration solutions (they call them “concentrated” solutions) and less-concentrated (what they call “dilute”) solutions.