Recorded Class Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased the videos from Vimeo but now it says I need to purchase them again.
You are likely logged out of Vimeo. Go to and choose Log In from the menu at the top. Once you are logged in return to the video you were trying to watch. It should view now.
I can’t find my login information for Vimeo
Unfortunately, only Vimeo has access to your login credentials. We can’t even tell who has purchased something from Vimeo. Look through your emails to find the receipt you received when you purchased the classes. That will tell you the email address you used. You can then use the forgot password link to retrieve your password.
I’ve tried the suggestions here and it didn’t work (or I haven’t gotten an email from forgot password).
You can try contacting Vimeo Support (this is all we could do for you)