Synchronize Homeschool History to Your Berean Builder Science Program

Berean Builders takes a special approach that no other science program takes.  It’s a chronological one.

This approach helps students understand how scientific understanding continually expands as scientists build upon the work and discoveries of those who have gone before them. … I think this approach makes science totally fascinating because it unites science and history, providing more context for understanding both subjects. … I’m not aware of any other science curriculum similar to this.“

—Cathy Duffy

Learn Homeschool History In Conjunction With Berean Builders Science

With this linear approach, it’s a natural fit to synchronize your Berean science to whatever history program you’re using.

Click on each homeschool history curriculum below to  find detailed notes for meshing these popular history programs with our Science Through HiStory series:

Diana Waring
My Father’s World
The Mystery of History
Simply Charlotte Mason
Story of the World
Tapestry of Grace