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Errata for the first printing of the book (updated 2/5/2024)

Errata for the second printing of the book (updated 2/5/2024)

Errata for the third printing of the book (updated 2/5/2024)

Periodic Table of the Elements
You can use the Periodic Table when working all the problems, including those on the test. If you would like to print it out to keep it handy, just print this document.

Sample Laboratory Notebook Entries
To help you follow the instructions given in the first chapter of the course, here are samples of three laboratory notebook entries:

Sample for Experiment 2.1
Sample for Experiment 2.2
Sample for Experiment 2.3

Student Workbook for the Course
While I would prefer that you keep your notes yourself, this is a workbook that you can use for the course.

Worksheets for the Course
This PDF contains all the “Comprehension Check” questions and Review questions. There is space in between the questions so you can write your answers underneath.