SITAA Chapter 9

Levels of Organization
This video goes over the levels of organization in Creation. It adds one after molecules, but that’s fine.

The Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute
This is the website an active researcher finding tissues in dinosaur fossils. If you click on “Articles and Updates,” you can learn about his discoveries.

Petrifaction can happen very quickly
Petrified flour
‘Instant’ petrified wood
Petrified waterwheel

Tissues in the Body
This video goes over the four basic kinds of tissue in the human body. It uses the word “conjuctive” rather than “connective,” but they mean the same thing.

The cells in bone tissue
This video has a good discussion of bone cells and how bones adapt to the body’s needs.

Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts
This video has good visuals of what osteoclasts and osteocytes do. It uses some terms you don’t need to know, but the visuals are worth it.

Muscle Tissue
This video goes over the three types of muscle tissue.

This video discusses tendons and the injuries that can occur in them.

Epithelial Tissue
This video discusses the purpose of epothelial tissue.

Nervous Tissue
This video has good visuals for neurons. It goes over more than you need to know, but don’t worry about that.