SITAA Chapter 8

The Food Chain
This video shows a food chain for the Florida Everglades.

The Difference Between Coefficients and Subscripts in a Chemical Equation
This video gives lots of good visuals to illustrate the different numbers you find in a chemical equation.

This video explains how plants do photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis Happening Under Water
This video shows a plant under water. Notice that when the light is on (the top of the water is bright), lots of bubbles are produced. When the light goes off, the bubbles stop. The bubbles are the oxygen being made by photosynthesis, and that only happens when the plant is exposed to light.

Evergreen and Deciduous Trees
In this video, a plant expert shows an example of each.

In this video, you can see transpiration in action.

Watch a Stoma Close
In this video, you see a stoma that starts out open and then slowly closes.

This animation helps to explain the relationship between fungi and plants.

Vegetative Reproduction
This video shows you how a leaf can end up making new plants.

Flower Dissection
This video shows you the different parts of a flower and how they relate to sexual reproduction in plants.

Timelapse of a Seed Germinating
This video shows you a seed growing into a plant.