SITAA Chapter 7

One Way To Think About the Complexity of the “Simplest” Life Form
This article discusses the computer program written to simulate Mycoplasma genitalium.

Culturing Bacteria
This video gives you an idea of the different microorganisms in your living environment.

Sizes of Microorganisms
This video gives you an idea of the different sizes of microorganisms and viruses. Technically, viruses aren’t microorganisms, because they aren’t technically alive.

Alexander Fleming and the Accidental Mould Juice
A quick animation about Fleming’s amazing discovery.

Penicillium under the Microscope
This shows you what Fleming’s famous mold looks like under a microscope.

10 Awesome Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist
Hybrid animals are the result of breeding different animals that are very, very similar. They tell creationists which animals are related to one another by microevolution.

Natural Selection and Macroevolution
This article discusses the difference between microevolution and macroevolution.

Evolutionists Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong About Antibiotic Resistance
This article discusses how those who believe in macroevolution were very wrong about how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance.

Microbial Me
Human Body Hair is Useless, Right? WRONG!
Bacteria in Breast Milk? Yes!
These three articles discuss different aspects of your microbiome

Science of Nitrogen Fixation
This video discusses nitrogen fixation in the setting of crop rotation.

Origins of pathogenic microbes: part 1—bacteriaMe
This article discusses where pathogenic bacteria come from.