SITAA Chapter 3

Video of the Reaction between Potassium and Water
This video shows you the reaction pictured on the first page of this chapter.

Density of Gases
This video shows you one of the consequences of the fact that gases have density.

Video of Burning Magnesium
This video shows you the reaction pictured on page 48.

Video of Marshmallows in a Vacuum
This video shows you a more dramatic version of Experiment 3.2.

Henry “Harry” Moseley
This video discusses Moseley, his death, and his accomplishment. It then goes into what a proton is made of, but you don’t need to worry about that.

The Shape of the Periodic Table
This video explains the shape of the Periodic Table in terms of electron orbitals.

Determining Where an Atom Stores Its Electrons
This video explains how to use the Periodic Table to figure out where the electrons go in an atom.

Determining the Charge of an Ion
This video gives two examples of how to determine the charge on an ion.

Determining the Chemical Formula of an Ionic Compound
This video gives some examples for determining the chemical formula of an ionic compound. It also goes over some mistakes people make.