SITAA Chapter 15

Humans and Chimps: Abstract Thinking Differences
This interview with a scientist who studies chimpanzees discusses the way our thinking processes differ.

Learn Biology: Classification- The Taxonomic Hierarchy
This professor explains classification using a mountain lion.

Population Estimation Methods
This video goes through different ways that populations are estimated.

Predator Prey Populations
This video discusses the relationship between predator and prey populations, showing some real data that have been collected.

An introduction to the rabbit problem in Australia
This video comes from Australia and talks about the rabbit problem and what is being done now. It’s actually an introduction to a series of training videos for people who want to help with the problem.

Ecological Pyramids
This video goes through an ecological pyramid and the different things it can show.

Examples of Symbiotic Relationships in Nature
This video goes through the three basic kinds of symbiosis in creation. It also gives examples of each.

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