SITAA Chapter 14

Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
This is a good video about the two main divisions of the nervous system. It goes into more detail than you need, but it is interesting.

Reaction Time
Another way to see the response time of your nervous system is to measure your reaction time. I have my physics students do this exeriment. If you use a ruler marked in centimeters, g = 980 cm/s2

Brain Divisions
This video goes through the three sections of the brain.

Brain: Shaped By Experiences
This is a good discussion about how God designed the brain.

Fascinating: Your Brain Gets Heavier When You Think!
It’s incredible to imagine.

The Atomic Bomb and the Brain
Scientific “facts” are often shown to be wrong when more information becomes available. This is an example that comes from the brain.

Reflex Arc
This professor does a great job explaining the reflex arc.

How The Eye Works
This animation shows the main structures of the eye and how they focus light.

Exploring the Nose
A good overview of the sense of smell.

How taste works
A good overview of the sense of taste.

What the tongue looks like under a microscope
It’s a rabbit’s tongue, but it is very similar to ours.

Journey of Sound to the Brain
A good overview of the sense of hearing.

The Role of Insulin in the Human Body
A good overview of how insulin works.