SITAA Chapter 12

The Role of the Diaphragm in Breathing
This animation shows you how the diaphragm controls breathing.

The Role of the Intercostal mucles in Breathing
This animation shows you how the muscles in the ribcage aid in breathing.

Alveoli: Gas Exchange
This video discusses how oxygen goes into the blood at the lungs and carbon dioxide leaves. He gives a review for his test at the end. That’s not important for you, but it reviews why gas exchange is so efficient.

Vocal Cords Animation
This animation shows how the vocal cords move. The “smoke” is supposed to represent air. Notice the two red strips on each side. Those are the muscles that move the cartilage, which changes the position and tension in the vocal cords.

Real Vocal Cords
This shows a person’s vocal cords the person makes noises. The video can’t really catch the vibrations properly because it isn’t taking enough frames per sectond, so you can’t determine the frequency at which the cords are vibrating. However, it is really cool!

The Lymphatic System
This is a good overview of the lymphatic system

The Innate and Adaptive Immunity
This video describes the basics of innate and adaptive immunity

Adaptive Immunity
This video describes the adaptive immunity in more detail.

Those who believe in macroevolution have listed several lymphatic organs as vestigial. Here are some articles that discuss them:
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