SITAA Chapter 11

Antagonistic Pairs
This animation shows you how the bicepts brachii and triceps brachii work as an antagonistic pair.

Connective tissue of skeletal muscle
This video uses spagehtti to discuss the structure of a skeltal muscle.

Types of Levers
This video gives a good mnemonic for remembering the types of levers.

What levers does your body use?
This article goes over the levers found in the human body.

Smooth Muscle Function
This video discusses smooth muscles and how they work.

How The Heart Muscle Works
This video gives you a review of cardiac muscle and the heart.

How The Heart and Circulatory System Work
This video gives you a good overview of the circulatory system. When the narrator says “blue blood” and “red blood,” he is just referring to the colors in the video.

Vein Valve
This quick animation shows you how a vein valve works.

The Components of Blood and Their Importance
This video discusses thec cells in blood and the plasma.

Life is in the blood
This article discusses how well-designed blood is.