DDP Chapter 3

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Links for the Third Chapter


This video demonstrates Newton’s Third Law in space, showing the effect of different masses.

This video explains why the ping pong ball didn’t stay still in Experiment 3.1.

This video explains the normal force.

This interesting video demonstrates how surfaces actually flex to apply the normal force.

This video shows you how a scale’s reading changes in an elevator.

This video solves a problem involving what a scale reads in an elevator.

This video discusses how geckos use friction and how we can mimic what they do.

This video shows how strong friction can be when there are a lot of surfaces.

This video shows how to solve a problem using friction.

This video shows how to solve a problem using friction.

This video shows how tension in multiple ropes adds to give you the total force.

This video explains terminal velocity and shows you how it works.

Examining the Physics of STOL Drag Racing
There is an interesting sport among airplane pilots called “STOL DRAG.” This describes the sport and the physics, which includes Newton’s Second Law and air resistance.

Extra Practice Problems
Here are the extra practice problems for Chapter 3. The solutions are here.