DDP Chapter 16

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Links for the 16th Chapter


This video shows the behavior of magnets. I love the sound effects.

This video shows how you map a magnetic field.

This video shows a magnetic field in 3D.

This video shows several 3-D magnetic fields.

This video maps the magnetic field of a current-carrying wire.

This video shows the difference between a diamagnetic substance and a paramagnetic substance.

This video shows that aluminum IS attracted to a magnet, just weakly.

This video shows how magnetic domains develop.

This video demonstrates Faraday’s Law of Magnetic Induction.

This video shows you Experiment 16.3 if you don’t have the materials to do it.

This video is an extreme version of the experiment!

This video shows how you can see that the electricity in your house is Alternating Current.

How Solar Panels Work
As discussed in the book, solar power is very different from other forms of power generation. This website gives a good overview.

NOTE: There are no extra practice problems, since there are no mathematical analyses discussed in this chapter.