DDP Chapter 13

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Links for the 13th Chapter


This video shows that opposite charges attract and like charges repel.

This video explains charging by induction and by conduction.

This video shows a simple electrostatic force problem and it shows you how you can put charges in the equation if you want.

This video shows a one-dimensional electrostatic force problem and then a two-dimensional electrostatic force problem.

This video allows you to see electric field lines. The red wire is positive, and the black wire is negative.

This video goes through a lot of what is in this chapter, but the electric field lines portion (starting at 2:40) is really good.

This video demonstrates conductors and insulators. The light shines when the wires touch a conductor. It does not shine when they touch an insulator.

This video explains Faraday cages.

This video gives a quick biography of Michael Faraday.

Extra Practice Problems for Chapter 13
The solutions for these problems can be found here.