DDP Chapter 11

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Links for the 11th Chapter


This video helps you visualize a longitudinal wave.

This video helps you visualize a sound wave made by a vibrating string.

This video discusses timbre.

This website explains timbre.

This video solves a problem using Equation (11.1) in a slightly different form.

This is a fun video explaining the Doppler effect.

This video shows you a couple of examples of using the Doppler Effect equation.

This video explains how we hear.

This video is a short excerpt from a much longer video, but it shows how waves interfere with one another.

This video shows you an experiment that illustrates how light waves interfere with one another.

This is an animation of an electromagnetic wave.

This is a good explanation of the photoelectric effect.

Extra Practice Problems for Chapter 11
The solutions for these problems can be found here.