DDP Chapter 1

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Links for the First Chapter


The first chapter of my chemistry book.
As mentioned in the text, this chapter gives full explanations for the concepts that I quickly reviewed on pp. 1-4.

Sample lab writeups:
These are examples of how to write up the labs in this chapter.
Experiment 1.1
Experiment 1.2
Experiment 1.3
Experiment 1.4

A biography of Sir Isaac Newton
This gives you a little insight into the man who formulated a lot of the physics that you will study this year.

This video discusses scalars and vectors.

This video uses two cars to illustrate relative velocity.

This is a video Galileo’s ramp experiment

This is a video of me doing a demonstration of Newton’s First Law

This video gives an explanation of seat belts and headrests in automobiles using Newton’s First Law

This video shows an illustration of how an object keeps moving at its initial velocity if it is launched while moving.

This video gives an introduction to interpreting position versus time graphs.

This video shows how to calculate the instantaneous velocity from a position versus time graph.

Science cannot prove anything.
An article I wrote on an incident in the journal Science regarding the fact that science cannot prove anything.

Extra Practice Problems
Here are the extra practice problems for Chapter 1. The solutions are here.