DDES Chapter 2

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Links for the Second Chapter

Satellite Photos Show The Oblateness of the Earth….Barely
This video use a satellite image to show that the earth is just slighly flatter at the poles than the equator. Remember, this was figured out back in the 1730s, but satellites can barely see it!

Core Mantle Crust
This short animation gives an overview of the geosphere.

Seismic Waves in the Interior of the Earth
This animation shows you how seismic waves tell us the composition of the earth’s interior. The narrator uses the term “refracted,” which you will learn later. It means “bent.” She also references “Snell’s Law,” which is an equation that describes how that bending occurs.

Soil Horizons
This video goes through soil horizons, showing pictures of what they look like. It says the bedrock is the “R” horizon, but it really isn’t a part of the soil.

Water Sorting
This video shows an excellent example of water sorting.

Sand, Silt, and Clay
This video shows the differences between the soil components and gives another example of using the triangular graph in the book to determine the type of soil.

Physical Weathering
This video shows animation of thermal stress and the freezing of water doing physical weathering.

This video shows an example of haloclasty and then an animation of how it happens. It also compares the weathered rock to unweathered rock.

Oxidation Weathering
This video shows oxidation weathering by comparing the outer part of a rock to the inner part of the same rock.

This video shows different ways erosion occurs.

The Canyon Lake Gorge
This video shows aireal views of the Canyon Lake Gorge, which was carved by a single flood.

Is Genesis History?
This video discusses how your assumptions affect how you view the past. The very beginning, however, has a striking example of how quickly a canyon can be carved.