DDES Chapter 14

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Links for the Fourteenth Chapter

There is a resource that teaches a lot more about weather. It costs $59, but if you are interested in weather, it might be a great addition to your homeschool materials. You can sign up for IQ Weather at $59 for up to three students.

Weather Fronts
This video goes through the basics of weather fronts. It is part of a series that you might want to watch to learn more about weather.

Reading a Weather Map
This video shows you how to read a basic weather map.

Animated Precipitation Map
This shows you the average precipitation each day in the U.S.

Collision-Coalescence Demonstration
This video shows how droplets can grow by colliding into other droplets.

Bergeron Process
This animation explains the Bergeron process.

Why Humidity Makes You Feel Hotter
This video discusses humidity and how we feel.

The Shape of a Raindrop
This video has a good animation of how raindrops shapes form.

Suspended Raindrop
This video shows an experiment where you see an actual drop of water and how the wind shapes it.

Thunderstorm stages
This video discusses the formation of a thunderstorm for pilots. There is some nice video near the end.

Thunderstorm Timelapse
This is a nice timelapse of a thunderstorm moving into an area and then leaving.

Slow-Motion Lightning
A great video of the stages of lightning forming.

Tornado Formation
The best part of this is the animation that starts at 1:00

Birth of a Tornado
This is great video of a tornado forming.

Hurricane Formation
A good discussion of how hurricanes form.

Timelapse of a hurricane as seen from space
This shows the development of a real hurricane.