DDES Chapter 13

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Links for the Thirteenth Chapter

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
This video goes through the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Sun/Earth Animation
There is no sound, but this animation shows how the tilt and rotation of the earth affect insolation.

Angle of Insolation
This video uses a flashlight to demonstrate how the angle is so important when it comes to insolation.

Earth’s Seasons Animation
There is no sound, but this animation really helps you see how the sunlight on the earth changes with the seasons. It also shows you the equinoxes and the solstices.

Earth’s Seasons Demonstration
This is a good demonstration of how the earth’s tilt leads to seasons.

Sun’s Path Through the Sky in a Year
This video shows how the sun’s path through the sky changes each month. The lens distorts things because it is covering such a wide angle.

This video uses t-shirts to show the effect of albedo.

This video discusses how wind forms.

Global Winds
This video discusses the global wind patterns.

Why is the Sky Blue?
This video gives you a good demonstration and explanation.

Timelapse of a Cumulus Cloud Forming
This is a nice way to see how cumulus clouds form.