DDES Chapter 11

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Links for the Eleventh Chapter

Where Do Waves Come From?
This video discusses how ocean waves form. It gives more info than you need, but the animation starting at 4:15 shows you how the water in a wave travels.

Ocean’s Tides Explained
This video discusses the tides. The animations are helpful, especially in understanding why the earth bulges away from the moon on the other side of the earth.

Timelapse of the Bay of Fundy
This video shows the Bay of Fundy (where the picture in the book was taken) over 12 hours in just 1 minute.

Matthew Maury
This is a short discussion of how Maury used the Bible to discover the ocean currents.

A Demonstration of the Coriolis Effect
This experiment shows the Coriolis Effect well.

An Explanation of the Coriolis Effect
This video’s animations really help in understanding the Coriolis Effect. It uses hurricanes, but it applies to everything that move over large areas, including currents.

The Coriolis Effect doesn’t determine how a toilet flushes.
This is actually two videos synchronized to show that toilets do not flush and sinks do not drain based on the Coriolis Effect. It starts with them telling you to synchronize, but this link already has the two videos synched. Just watch. It’s pretty cool.

Animation of Gyres
There is no video, but the animation shows you the gyres on the spinning globe.

Upwelling and Downwelling
This is a teacher giving a lesson, and he shows good demonstrations of upwelling and downwelling.

The Global Conveyor
This video contrasts surface currents and the global conveyor.

The Global Conveyor Animation
This video has no audio, but shows the global conveyor really well.

How Do Glaciers Move?
This video has excellent timelapse video of a glacier moving as well as some detail on the subsurface part of the glacier.

15 Examples of Glaciers Calving
Lots of great video if glaciers calving.

This gives a good overview of ground water.

Animation of the Water Table Rising
No sound, but you see how the water table changes depth.

The Making of A Cloud
This video explains how clouds form.

Timelapse of Clouds Forming
Very cool.