DDES Chapter 10

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Links for the Tenth Chapter

Water’s Surface Tension
This video has a surprising demonstration about what water’s surface tension can do.

Water’s Surface Tension
This video uses water striders, milk, and excellent video to illustrate water’s surface tension.

Why Does Ice Float?
This video uses good animations to show why ice is less dense than water.

Heat Capacity of Water Compared to Oil and Air
This video has two experiments. The first shows that water heats much more slowly than oil, because of its heat capacity. The second shows that it has more heat capacity than air, because it keeps a balloon from popping when exposed to a flame.

Density of Saltwater and Freshwater
This video shows the effect of saltwater being denser than freshwater.

Freezing Point Depression
This video explains freezing point depression.

Diffusion, Osmosis, and Dialysis
You don’t need to know dialysis, but the animations here do a good job of contrasting diffusion and osmosis.

The Hydrologic Cycle
This video reviews the water cycle.

The Hydrologic Cycle Experiment
This video is made by an elementary school teacher, but the experiment he shows demonstrates a couple of interesting aspects of the water cycle.