DDC Chapter 6

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Links for the Sixth Chapter

Extra Help For Chapter 6

This video gives a good discussion of the difference between chemical and physical changes.

This video not only teaches you the conversion, but it also teaches you a trick for remembering the formula. He gives his answer in terms of fractions, but you don’t have to do that.

In this video, water is used to discuss the kinetic theory of matter. Early on, he equates steam with gaseous water, but as your text points out, steam is actually droplets of liquid water. It’s a common mistake.

This video covers phase changes and the interpretation of a heating curve.

This video has a good discussion of what happens to its density when water freezes.

This video gives you some visuals to illustrate balancing chemical equations, and then he gives you some examples.

This video gives you more explanation on balancing chemical equations.

This video gives you more explanation on balancing chemical equations.

This video helps you determine the type of reaction from the equation. He uses the word “synthesis” instead of “formation.”

Interesting Links Related to Chapter 6

This is fun, because he starts by asking people what water is.

Once again, this guy has too much time on his hands.

This is a good video on a state of matter I don’t discuss in the text.

This video shows how expanding water can actually cause an explosion!

I don’t recommend this method, but if you think algebraically, you might like it.

This is a good video on how fireworks are made.

This mythbusters video shows a dramatic example of the thermite reaction pictured at the end of the chapter.

Extra Problems for Chapter 6

Extra problems for Chapter 6
This gives you more practice on the problems in chapter 6. Here are the solutions.