DDC Chapter 14

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Links for the Fourteenth Chapter

Extra Help For Chapter 14

This video gives you an introduction to exothermic and endothermic reactions. It also gives a sample reaction coordinate diagram for each process.

This video gives you two examples of finding delta H using bond energies.

This video explains state functions.

This video explains how to use enthalpies of formation to calculate the Delta H of a reaction.

This video explains how to relate the energy involved in a reaction to the amount of a reactant.

This video explains reaction coordinate diagrams, which he calls “potential energy diagrams.”

This video explains entropy. You don’t have to watch beyond 3:27, because at that point, he starts introducing equations that we don’t use.

This video shows how to predict the sign of the Delta S in a chemical reaction.

This video shows how to determine the Delta S of a reaction using standard entropies.

This video explains how to use the Gibbs Free Energy to determine the spontenaity of a reaction. It also talks about how you can use the Delta H and Delta S to determine the temperatures at which a reaction is spontaneous.

Interesting Links Related to Chapter 14

As discussed in the text, here are two articles that give you a detailed discussion of why evolution does not break the Second Law of Thermodynamics:

Entropy and Evolution, Part 1

Entropy and Evolution, Part 2

This video shows a strongly exothermic reaction.

This video shows an endothermic reaction that gets cold enough to freeze water.

This video explains how cold packs work.

Extra Problems for Chapter 14

Extra problems for Chapter 14
This gives you more practice on the problems in chapter 14. Here are the solutions.