DDC Chapter 12

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Links for the Twelfth Chapter

Extra Help For Chapter 12

This video introduces redox reactions.

This video shows you how to calculate oxidation numbers (oxidation states). He has slightly different ways of expressing the rules than me, but as he points out, it doesn’t matter. You get the same answer and use the same reasoning regardless of the rules you use.

This video gives lots of examples of determining oxidation states.

This video shows you how to determine whether or not a reaction is a redox reaction as well as what is oxidized and what is reduced.

This video explains Galvanic cells with an animation.

This video gives an example of drawing a Galvanic cell.

Interesting Links Related to Chapter 12

This video discusses redox reactions as they relate to biology.

This video shows you how to make a battery out of a lemon.

This video shows you how to electroplate a quarter with copper from a penny.

Extra Problems for Chapter 12

Extra problems for Chapter 12
This gives you more practice on the problems in chapter 12. Here are the solutions.