DDC Chapter 11

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Extra Help For Chapter 11

This video discusses the definition of acids and bases that we use in this course. You don’t need to worry about the conjugate acid and cojugate base discussion that starts at 3:18. That’s something you will learn if you take advanced chemistry.

This video shows you how to determine the acid and base in an acid/base reaction.

This video shows you how to determine the reaction between an acid and a base, and then it shows you how to do stoichiometry on such a reaqction.

This video gives a good overview of the pH scale.

This video discusses an acid base indicator that is commonly use in chemistry labs.

This video shows you how to solve for the amount of acid or base needed in a neutralization experiment.

This video shows you how to solve an acid/base titration problem.

This video shows you how to solve another acid/base titration problem.

If you don’t like the way I explained diluting a solution, this video gives you a simple equation that will allow you to solve the problems.

Interesting Links Related to Chapter 11

Here’s a nice demonstration of an acid and base reacting with the same chemical – aluminum.

This video discusses some biological issues associated with pH, and it also tells you the mathematical basis of pH.

Here is a good demonstration that uses acid/base indicators.

This video has another cool demonstration using a pH indicator, which changes color based on the pH of the solution.

This video shows you how you would do an acid/base titration in a lab.

Extra Problems for Chapter 11

Extra problems for Chapter 11
This gives you more practice on the problems in chapter 11. Here are the solutions.