DDB Chapter 9

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Links for the Ninth Chapter


Sponges Filtering Water
This excellent video shows you how well sponges pull water through themselves to feed.

Comb Jelly
Great video of a comb jelly.

Live Jellyfish Camera
This is a live feed of a camera pointed at the jellyfish tank at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Cnidarian Life Cycle
This video goes through the stages in a cnidarian life cycle.

Nematocysts Firing
Slow-motion video of a cnidarian firing its nematocysts

Planarians moving and feeding
Good video of planarians, pointing out how they feed

Planarian regeneration
Video showing the regeneration of a cut planarian over several days

A good overview of tapeworms

Hydra Budding
Video of a hydra budding

Hydra Eating
Video of a hydra capturing and eating prey

Sea Star Anatomy
A good animation of the structure of a sea star

Sea Star Walking
A live sea star on the beach, showing the motion of its tube feet

This video discusses the three types of mollusks covered in the book.

Cephalopod Camouflage
This video shows incredible examples of camouflage in cephalopods.

This is good overview of the nematodes

Earthworm digestive system
This reviews the digestive system of an earthworm

Earthworm circulatory system
This reviews the digestive system of an earthworm

Earthworm nervous system
This reviews the digestive system of an earthworm

Earthworm dissection
A good dissection of the earthworm

Arachnids and Arthropods
This video gives an overview of arthropods and then discusses arachnids in specific

This is great video of barnacles feeding on bioluminescent dinoflagellates

Crayfish dissection
A good crayfish dissection

Insect Orders
This video covers the five orders discussed in the book

This video covers urochordates, which are also called sea squirts.

A lancelet swimming with fish

The Cambrian Explosion
A good overview of the problems Cambrian fossils present to evolution