DDB Chapter 8

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Links for the Eighth Chapter


This video gives you the properties of protozoa and shows some great video of them. Don’t worry about the classifications right now.

This video gives you the properties of algae. Don’t worry about the classifications right now.

Slime Molds
This video gives you the properties of slime molds. Don’t worry about the classifications right now.

Coral Algae Mutualism
This video gives you an introduction to corals. It also discusses the mutualism between them and algae. They use the term “zooxanthellae,” which is a more specific way to refer to these dinoflagellates.

Algae in Coral
This video from a microscope shows the algae in the coral. The algae are the little “beads,” all the material surrounding them is part of the coral.

This video discusses euglena as you watch them move around. Notice the eyespots!

More Euglena
This video shows many different euglena. You can really see the flagellum in some.

This shows a cell (the circular structure between the two green strands) rupturing due to cytolysis. Notice how it grows in size before rupturing.

This shows onion cells losing their cytoplasm due to plasmolysis.

Plasmolysis Experiment
You can try to see plasmolysis in red onion cells. This video gives you the instructions. You can just use water with as much salt as possible dissolved in it instead of their “plasmolyzing solution.”

This is good video of several diatoms.

Plasmodium and Malaria
This video explains how plasmodium causes malaria.

Plasmodium Invading Red Blood Cells
This video shows you plasmodium infecting red blood cells.

Paramecium cilia movement
Good microscope video showing the cilia of a paramecium

Paramecium contractile vacuole
Watch it close as it pumps!

Alternation of Generations
She uses moss as an example, but this applies to algae as well.

Slime Mold Life Cycle
This uses timelapse video to explain slime molds.

Amoeba in Motion
Microscope video of an amoeba moving with its pseudopods

Amoeba Eating
Microscope video of an amoeba using its pseudopods to get food

Fungal Reproduction
This video goes through both processes of reproduction in fungi.

Chytrid Spore Formation
This microscope video shows a chytrid fungus making and then releasing spores.

Zygomycota Life Cycle
This video discusses the zygomycota

Mold Timelapse
This video shows mold growing.

Mold Timelapse
This video shows what mold looks like under a microscope.

This video discusses the ascomycota

This video discusses the basidiomycota

This video discusses lichens

Is DNA Providing a Coherent View of Evolution?
This is an article one of us (JLW) wrote about phylogeny and evolution

Incomplete lineage sorting and other ‘rogue’ data fell the tree of life
Another article discussing how evolutionary phylogeny is not reasonable.