DDB Chapter 7

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Links for the Seventh Chapter


A Short History of the Microscope
This video gives you the major events in microscopy.

Scanning Electron Microscope
This video tells you how an SEM works and shows some images.

Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope
This video tells you how an STM works and shows some images.

Microscope Image Gallery
Several great images from both SEMs and STMs.

Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria
This video shows you the differences.

Various Organisms by Size
This video goes from organisms visible to the naked eye all the way down to bacteria.

Archaea Vs. Bacteria
This video shows you the differences.

Archaea Images
Several great images of archaea.

Binary Fission
This video discusses how bacteria reproduce.

Bacteria Shapes
This video discusses bacterial shapes, using both illustrations and microscope images.

Experiment 7.2
This video shows what you might see in Experiment 7.2. The moving things are bacteria.

Bacteria in Milk
This video shows how bacteria develop in milk. The bacteria start at 3:20.

What is a virus
This video describes viruses.

Lysogenic and Lytic Cycles
This video describes the life cycles of viruses.

Photosynthesis and Evolution
This is a detailed discussion of why photosynthetic bacteria couldn’t have evolved the ability to do that.

Beneficial Virus
This is an article one of us (JLW) wrote about the beneficial virus mentioned in the chapter.

Friendly Viruses
This is an article discusses other benefits of viruses.