DDB Chapter 6

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Links for the Sixth Chapter


The optimal immune repertoire for bacteria
This article discusses bacterial immune systems, but the reason I am giving the link is because of the picture. That’s an electron microscope image of bacteriophages attacking a bacterium.

Phage animation
This animation (no sound) shows how a bacteriophage attacks a bacterium and then replicates itself.

Restriction Enzymes
This video shows how a restriction enzyme is used to cut DNA so a gene can be inserted.

Restriction Enzymes 2
This is a more detailed discussion of restriction enzymes.

Gel electrophoresis
This is a detailed discussion of gel electrophoresis.

Timelapse of Gel electrophoresis
This is a timelapse of a gel electrophoresis experiment running.

This video discusses how PCR works and what it is used for.

The Sanger Method of DNA Sequencing
This video gives a good description of the Sanger method.

DNA Fingerprinting
This video animates the process.

STR Profiling
This video explains how the process is used to determine the probability that a suspect’s DNA was recovered at a crime scene.

Recombinant DNA Technology
This video explains a gene from a donor gets inserted into a different organism.

How Dolly Was Cloned
This video uses Dolly as an example of reproductive cloning.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
This video explains uPSCs and how they can be used.

Gene Therapy
This video gives an overview of gene therapy.

How CRISPR works
This video gives an overview of CRISPR.

Basic bioethics: Why Christians should care about bioethics
This article discusses why Christians should care about bioethics.