DDB Chapter 5

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Links for the Fifth Chapter


Eugenics and Scientific Racism
This article discusses the eugenics movement.

Gregor Mendel: No Darwinian
This is a good biography of Gregor Mendel.

Overview of Mendel’s Experiments
This video gives a quick overview of Mendel’s experiments, using height of the plant as the example.

Genotype and Phenotype
This video contrasts genotype and phenotype.

Mendel’s Experiments with Genotypes and Phenotypes
This video explains Mendel’s experiments in terms of genotype and phenotype.

Punnett Squares for Monohybrid Crosses
This video explains simple Punnett squares. Eye color is MUCH more complicated than this; it has been simplified here for illustration purposes.

Test Cross
This video uses a simple Punnett square to show how you can determine a parent’s genotype. You will use this kind of reasoning in the pedigrees that are discussed in Section 5.2.

Determining the Gametes in a Dihybrid Cross
If you are having trouble figuring out what to put on the top and left of the Punnett square for a dihybrid cross, this should help.

Example of a Dihybrid Cross
This is a sample problem of a Dihybrid cross.

Another Example of a Dihybrid Cross
This is another sample problem of a Dihybrid cross.

A Third Example of a Dihybrid Cross
This is another sample problem of a Dihybrid cross.

Reading a Pedigree
This is a simple overview of how to read a pedigree. It doesn’t explain how to determine the pattern of inheritance or the genotypes. It just explains how to read a pedigree.

Autosomal Recessive Inheritance
Interpreting an autosomal recessive pedigree.

Autosomal Dominant Inheritance
Interpreting an autosomal recessive pedigree.

X-linked Recessive Inheritance
Interpreting an X-linked recessive pedigree.

Y-linked Inheritance
Interpreting an Y-linked pedigree.

Blood Types
This video explains the different blood types

Blood Type Punnett Squares
This video explains several Punnett squares related to blood type.

Linked Genes
This video reviews linked and unlinked genes.

This video discusses nondisjunction

Point Mutations
This video discusses different kinds of point mutations.

“Silent” Mutations Might Require “Re-examination of Numerous Biological Conclusions”
New research indicates that silent mutations aren’t actually silent!

Mutations: enemies of evolution
This video includes Dr. John Sanford to explain how mutations cannot produce evolution.

Plant geneticist: Darwinian evolution is impossible
This article is an interview with Dr. John Sanford.