DDB Chapter 4

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Links for the Fourth Chapter


The Cell Cycle
A good review of the cell cycle.

What you need to know is given in the first 42 seconds. The rest is interesting, but you don’t need to know it.

Budding in Yeast
This timelapse shows you yeast budding, accompanied by one of the author’s (JLW) favorite musical compositions.

Budding in Hydra
This video shows you a hydra budding.

Binary Fission
This animation reviews binary fission.

Bacteria undergoing binary fission
This timelapse shows how fast bacteria can divide.

Overview of Mitosis
This animation gives the basics of mitosis.

Stages of Mitosis
This animation shows the stages of mitosis.

Video of Mitosis
This video shows mitosis actually happening.

Chromosome packaging
This animation shows the structure of a chromosome and its sister during metaphase.

Homologous Chromosomes
This video explains homologous chromosome pairs.

Diploid and Haploid Cells
This video explains the difference between diploid and haploid cells.

This animation shows the stages of meiosis I and meiosis II.

Meiosis in Males and Females
This video contrasts spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

This is a good article on why artificial intelligence isn’t really intelligence.

Robots will not take over the world
This is another good article on why artificial intelligence isn’t really intelligence.