DDB Chapter 3

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Cell theory
The six main points of cell theory are in different order from how we present them, but the order isn’t important.

Prokaryotic versus Eukaryotic
This video discusses their differences and gives you a way to remember which term applies to which type of cell.

Plasma Membrane
This video reviews the basic structure of the plasma membrane.

Prokaryotic Cell
This video shows someone drawing a prokaryotic cell and labelling its parts. The person uses “pilli” instead of “fimbria,” which is common. Pilli are specialized fimbriae, which we do not discuss. We will discuss plasmids later.

The flagellum
This video features Dr. Stephen Myer discussing the bacterial flagellum. The animations that start at 35 second in are very good.

Eukaryotic Cell Structure
This animation goes through the major features of a eukaryotic cell. You don’t need to worry about Peroxisomes.

An animation of a cell in action
This is a good animation of how a cell actually functions. It is amazing!

Osmosis, Diffusion, and Active Transport
This video discusses how things move into and out of cells.

Pinocytosis and phagocytosis are the two kinds of endocytosis. This video shows an animation and then shows microscope video of it actually happening. In the two microscope videos, phagocytosis is taking place.

This video explains how ATP is used to transport energy in cells.

Overview of Photosynthesis
This video gives a summary of the light-dependent and light independent reactions of photosynthesis.

Light-dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis
This gives you the details of the light-dependent reactions. You don’t need to know about photosystem I and photosystem II, but the video explains how NADPH and ATP are made.

Light-independent Reactions of Photosynthesis
This gives you the details of the Calvin Cycle.

Overview of Cellular Respiration
This video gives you the broad picture of cellular respiration.

This video discusses only the first step of cellular respiration.

The Krebs Cycle
This video discusses only the second step of cellular respiration.

The Electron Transport Chain
This video discusses only the third step of cellular respiration.

The Electron Transport Chain Animation
This video animates the ETC.

Fermentation After Glycolysis
This video explains what happens in cellular respiration when oxygen is not present.

Reasons for Skepticism on the Endosymbiotic Story
This is a good article on why you should doubt the theory of endosymbiosis.