DDB Chapter 14

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Links for the Fourteen Chapter


Stoma closing
Microscope video showing a stoma closing

Cohesion-Tension transport
A narrated animation showing how it works

Pressure Flow in Phloem
A narrated animation showing how it works

Double Fertilization in Angiosperms
A narrated animation of embryo sac formation and fertilization by pollen

Bean Germination
A great timelapse with wonderful music

Fall Foliage and How It Happens

Plant Hormones
A good review of hormones in plants

A timelapse showing phototropism

A timelapse showing gravitropism. They call it “negative” because they grow opposite of the direction gravity pulls.

A timelapse showing thigmotropism. Notice how the plants “twirl” in order to find something to grab onto.

Mimosa pudica
A video showing how the sensitive plant reacts to touch

Another Push for Plant “Rights”
An article discussing the idea that plants have rights. The links are to people trying to convince you of that.