DDB Chapter 13

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Links for the Thirteen Chapter


Unique Features of Plants
A good review of what plant cells have that animals cells do not have

Flower Structure
A good review of the parts of the flower

Flowers Blooming
Great Timelapses of flowers blooming

Root Systems
A review of roots

A review of stem structure

Leaf Structure
A good review of a leaf’s structure

Insect-Trapping Plants
They call them carnivorous plants

Seed dissection
This video shows you the structure of a seed

Strawberry Fruit Forming Timelapse
From flower blooming to fruit forming. On day 14 he pollinates the flower.

Nonvascular plants
This video concentrates on liverworts and mosses.

Finding and examining ferns

Timelapse of a fern growing
This shows you the stages

Gymnosperms and Angiosperms
This shows you the differences

The Origin of Plants
A good discussion of how plants did not evolve.