DDB Chapter 12

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Links for the Twelfth Chapter


A good overview of lemurs

Interesting Monkeys
20 different monkey species

Lesser Apes
A good overview of gibbons

Great Apes
Videos of great apes

Knuckle Walking
Videos of a gorilla knuckle walking

Divisions of the Nervous Systems
An overview of the human nervous system

Neurons and Synapses
The structures of neurons and their connections

Reflex Action
A discussion of the reflex action

Components of Blood
A good animation of blood cells

Blood Flow in the Body
A good animation of blood flow, concentrating on the heart

Blood under the microscope
Pictures of blood at 40x, 100x, and 400x, which are probably the magnifications you have on your microscope.

Innate and Acquired Immunity
A good overview of the immune system

Acquired Immunity
A good animation of acquired immunity

Digestive System
A good animation of the digestive system

Respiratory System
A good discussion of the respiratory system

Mechanics of Respiration
A good animation of exhaling and inhaling

Nephron Animation
A good animation of how the nephrons do their job

The Image of God
A good discussion of what it means to be made in God’s image

In the “Image and Likeness of God” [Part I]
In the “Image and Likeness of God” [Part II]
Two detailed articles about the Imago Dei

Human Evolution: The Monkey Bias (Science Uprising, EP8)
A good discussion of what it means to be made in God’s image

The myth of ape-to-human evolution
A good article about how human evolution didn’t happen