DDB Chapter 11

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Links for the Eleventh Chapter


Characteristics of Reptiles
A review of reptiles, with many examples

Amniotic Egg
A teacher reviewing the parts of an amniotic egg

Reptile Egg Hatching
Watch a corn snake emerge from its egg.

Pictures of 23 species of crocodilians

A great video showing tuataras of different ages

Lizard Size Comparisons
It shows you the diversity of lizards

Chameleon changing color
It’s amazing how much it can change

Snake species
A good overview of snake diversity

Narcisse Snake Dens
An interesting place if you like snakes

Snake movement
The four methods of locomotion showing it happening in real snakes. She calls slithering “serpentine.”

Jacobson’s organ
A good discussion of a snake’s Jacobson’s organ. At 1:44 excellent animation shows what the snake does with its tongue.

Snakes versus a lizard
Who will win?

Using live reptiles to illustrate the difference between turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute
This is the website for the young-earth creationist research institute making soft tissue discoveries. The Articles and Updates part has some great videos.

Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Fossils
This shows some young-earth creationists showing their soft tissue discoveries. The really cool stuff starts at 5:20

Bird Bones
A good video about bird bones

Bird Lungs
A good description of how birds breathe.

Bird Feathers
The general characteristics of feathers

Bird Feathers Under a Microscope
Microscope video of different feathers

Flightless Birds
This video discusses the three largest birds.

Penguins Swimming
This video shows penguins in the water.

Birds of Prey
Five different birds of prey

Songbirds that fly in flocks and make amazing patterns in the sky

Probably the world’s best songbird

Platypus Video
Video of platypus, including one hatching

A good discussion of echidnas

A good discussion of marsupials

The Placenta
An animation of fetal development. The placenta starts at 0:45

It’s for kids, but it shows the diversity of mammals

Bird evolution?
A good discussion of why we know dinosaurs did not evolve into birds.

Dino-bird theory—a flight of fancy
Another good discussion of why we know dinosaurs did not evolve into birds.