DDB Chapter 10

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Links for the Tenth Chapter


How a swim bladder works
This video has a demonstration of the way a swim bladder adjusts the depth of a fish.

What the lateral line does
This video is for fisherman, but it tells you what the lateral line does.

How do fish breathe using gills?
This video uses a recently-killed fish to show how gills work.

This video gives you some good views of lampreys.

This video shows hagfish feeding and using their slime to protect themselves.

Ampullae of Lorenzini and the lateral line
This video shows details of the ampullae of Lorenzini and the lateral line.

‘Quantum material’ has shark-like ability to detect small electrical signals
This is a report on the ampullae of Lorenzini research that was mentioned in the book. The video is good.

Varieties of sharks
Pictures of lots of different sharks

Sharks of Tiger Beach
Great video of lots of sharks

Rays and Skates
Kind of silly, but it shows the differences between rays and skates

Rays and Skates 2
Just video of rays and skates.

Lots of good information about bony fish

Perch Anatomy
A good review of bony fish anatomy

Perch Dissection
Two teachers doing the perch dissection

Frog Metamorphosis
This video goes through the entire process using live specimens

Order Caudata
This video shows several different salamanders and newts.

Good video of a mudpuppy.

The video is made for kids, but it shows a lot of different frogs.

Frog dissection
A good frog dissection.

Caecilian facts
A general discussion of caecilians, with video and pictures facts.

Polish footprints cause Tiktaalik trouble
A short video discussing the footprints that cast doubt on amphibian evolution

The fossil record of ‘early’ tetrapods: evidence of a major evolutionary transition?
A detailed article about why the tale of amphibian evolution doesn’t work.