Honors Biology

Thank you for registering! Mrs. McKeeman is excited about her classes this year, and we hope you are as well. Please note that you will be getting a syllabus from Mrs. McKeeman during the last week of August. It will lay out the first semester for you, indicating what you will need to do to prepare for each class as well as the assignments you will need to complete.

Before the last week of August, please make sure you have a copy of Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition, by Dr. Jay L. Wile and Marilyn Durnell. That will be the text for your class. You will need the Solutions and Tests Guide that goes with the course, as it has the answers to the study guides that you will use to prepare for the tests.  Hopefully you have these from a previous child or will be able to get one from a friend.

Please note that there are experiments in the course. If you want to count this as an honors course, you will need to do all the experiments, which require a microscope kit and a dissection kit, which are available through Nature’s Workshop Plus:


If you want to count this as a regular high school course, you do not need to do as many experiments. As a result, you need only purchase the dissection kit: